Why The Darts That Were Working Before, Aren’t Anymore!

Well, lets say you have had all the right equipment all along and when you first started shooting this set of darts you were hot all the time! But, over the last year or two now, your stuff just isn’t what it use to be. What’s happened? Well, it’s tough to see! Literally, it really is! Darts, whether they are tungsten or not, will show age, flaking, scaring and decay over a period as little as four to five months in time! But it’s very difficult to see with the naked eye! When you are throwing tight groups, the incoming dart is going to strike the leading edge of the groove! This is the area that you are pushing against for control! This edge will deteriorate over time and the difference is so slow that it will sneak up on you and you will not have noticed the gradual change. The only way to stay ahead of not letting this wear ruin your game, is to make periodic monthly inspections of all three of your darts by way of a special magnifying glass that we sell in our catalog. This is the same magnifying glass that IBM uses to make spot checks on their computer chips! Seeing is believing!