DartSmarts.com was created specifically to counteract the devastating effects that poor quality darts and dart equipment have been having on the sport of darts. For decades now, dart manufacturers have been creating numerous styles of darts and dart components that have not increased the ease of shooting darts more accurately. “You can’t reinvent the wheel,” is a phrase that should be the motto of every dart player in the world. Some of these manufacturers profess “aerodynamic” design. DartSmarts.com says, “What a crock!” We at DartSmarts.com believe in educating the consumer with truth and facts! Have you experienced any education coming from dart manufacturers? We will be the only dart manufacturer that will actually teach facts and not hype! We are currently redesigning a dart that will be ready for market within the year! We have made twelve major changes that will spell out a huge advantage to the user. This dart will be easier to throw, very controllable, and thus, more proficient! When we are finished, our dart’s motto will be: “You Can’t Reinvent Perfection!”

The only items of a dart that greatly affect the aerodynamics, other than the general shape and weight of the barrel, are the shaft and the flight. If dart manufacturers were so “concerned” about the aerodynamics of their darts, they would not put in the packaging of their “new” darts, medium length shafts and the larger, standard flights. Both items create excessive drag individually, and when put together, make it physically difficult, if not impossible, to control the dart’s trajectory consistently. Another item that greatly adds to the drag is the type of flights that have all those bumps on the surface of the material. Here, the air does not flow over this surface smoothly, so in effect, turbulence is created, and once this turbulence takes effect, drag again sets in and gravity takes over. The more the drag, the harder the dart must be thrown for accuracy!

The clue that tells you there is too much drag is how acute the angle of your dart is after it has entered the board. If the top of the board (20’s) is 0°, with your dart in the double bull, your dart optimally should be between 70° and 90° (90° is coming straight our from the bull). Being able to throw a dart consistently at 80° – 85° is the most desirable angle wanted! At this angle, your “physical and visual” obstruction is minimized to the point where the only placement of the dart in the board where it would possibly affect your “incoming” second and third darts is that if it were directly above your target! This situation is easily remedied by slightly stepping to the right or to the left and shooting “IN” to the target. This style of compensating for target obstruction has been dubbed “shooting the line.”

All of the parties involved in the production of this web site feel that the sport of darts needs less hype and more truth. There are shooters that have been playing for many years that are leaving the sport due to frustration, and there are newcomers that aren’t getting a “good start” with inadequate darts. Take a look at www.CrowsDarts.com’s home page. In the second paragraph, you will see a mention about the “current” poll and also a mention for “previous poll’s results.” Click on the previous poll’s results and you will see thirteen questions. One of the questions is: “How many sets of darts do you own?” Keep in mind that there are over 100 million shooters in the world that play organized darts (leagues) and this does not include the casual shooters. A total of fifteen (15) percent or 15 million shooters worldwide, have an average of seventeen sets of darts! At an average of $80 per set, one of the cheapest sports has gotten very expensive! That’s a total of $1,360.00 worth of darts per shooter! Wow! In looking at these figures we have estimated that the annual market for darts alone, has to be somewhere above one half billion! and, we didn’t even figure in the casual shooters!

DartSmarts.com can’t do it all on our own. The sport of darts needs some serious changes before we can again start to see the numbers of shooters increase rather than decrease. We do need your help in the form of spreading the news about what DartSmarts.com is trying to do and what we stand for! If you would like to help us in any way possible, we welcome your input! Please feel free to send any and all of your suggestions to us. We all can make a difference soon! The sport of Darts needs all of us now!