World Professional Darts Championship

History of the Professional World Darts Championship

The Professional World Darts Championship is absolutely one of the most important events in the world of darts. It is important to note that the professional World Darts Championship as an event is an annual event, and has been such ever since 1978. Until 1993, the event was held by a single organization, but after the controversial split, the professional World Darts Championship was held by two different organizations. Before we get to that, let’s review the important milestones in the history of the Professional World Darts Championship.

Golden days of Darts

Darts was in a huge boom between the years of 1977 and 1983, especially mid-these years. These years are known as the “Golden Days of Darts”. At this time, the professional darts events were televised, and had more popularity and viewership than ever before. As such, it brought a lot of money into the industry and it made it one of the most popular sports watched on an international level.

Split into BDO and PDC

A historic moment in the development of darts as a sport is the so-called Split. This is an event where there was a dispute between the best darts players and the governing body of the sport. Namely, at this point, players were disappointed in the work of the current BDO and went on to form the World Darts Council (WDC). This organization was further renamed into the PDC.

Status of Darts after the Split

It is safe to say that the Split was a turning point in the functioning of the world of Darts. It still has effects, as now the split in the game still exists. We still have 2 different governing bodies – the PDC and the BDO. They have different players and they have their own different events and tournaments. In fact, they even have a different version of the World Professional Darts Championship.

Betting on Darts

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Winners and Final Results of the last 20 Years

Darts championships have been incredibly fun, and the world championship in darts has brought some players to be incredibly famous. For instance, here are the best players in the past 20 years, and their results:
  1. Phil Taylor – 16 wins (2 in BDO and 14 in PDC)
  2. Raymond van Barnevild 5 wins (4 in BDO and 1 in PDC)
  3. Eric Bristow – 5 wins in BDO
  4. Martin Adams – 3 wins in BDO
  5. Michael van Gerwen - 3 wins in PDC