Well, if I haven’t opened the proverbial, “Can of Worms” before, then this should certainly do it! Some 41% of all dart shooters shoot with the “standard” flight. Incidentally, 47% shoot with aluminum shafts too. Those numbers are awfully close together! There might be a correlation here! Well, if there was one specific, component of a dart, that affects the control, consistency and accuracy of shooting a dart more than anything else, it would have to be the flight!

Correct me if I’m wrong. The longer a dart has to fly, the more chance an error could occur during the flight. Do you believe that? I do! And, I also believe that the larger the surface area of a flight, the more drag that will occur during flight.

Testing time! Please do these suggested tasks for your understanding and not ours! Get out that set of coal crackers that you have in the bottom of your assorted darts supplies box and give those babies a try! Remember to keep an open mind at all times! The only thing you have to lose is the possibility of losing fewer games! After all, that is why you are all here! In comparing the two different flights, you will find out that you will have to throw the standard flighted darts harder, although the coal crackers will still not feel that great! Remember this fact and don’t put those coal crackers away just yet!

Next, I want you to find a set of those standard flights with the bumps all over them. You know the ones that I’m talking about! They’re the ones that were made as if they would last longer! There are a couple different kinds of them and you should have at least one set of them! Okay, now I want you to again compare the difference between the bumpy standard flight and the smooth surface standard flight. You’ll notice that you will even have to throw the bumpy standard flighted darts even harder than the other standard flights! Feeling the difference yet? Just for giggles, compare the bumpy standard flight with the coal cracker flights. A lot easier! Right! Well, we aren’t finished yet! Grab those coal crackers again and next, I want you to get a pair of scissors and in cutting off as little as possible, cut the very rear edge of the flights from the center where all the wings meet, to the outside of the wing and by doing so, you will totally eliminate the “rounded” rear corner of the flight. Take your time and try to do it the same on all four wings. Do all three darts. If you have another set of the coal crackers, you want to compare those first, and then the ones you just cut!

Well? How did it go? Surprised? Well, my curiosity is not so much about how much better the throw of my darts felt, but that with all the darts bought in the world, why wouldn’t a darts manufacturing company test these flights out themselves first and then put the better flights in the packaging with the darts that dart shooters are purchasing at some very steep prices? Or, my next question is even more interesting, if they actually have done this common sense testing, then why in the world are they actually selling them?

Is all of this making any cents yet? I hope so!

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