Maintain Your Darts

This is in response to our customers who have had scattered comments about everything from darts bouncing out of the board to a dart not freely rotating when an incoming dart brushes against the dart that is already in the board. You now have a way of customizing you’re GEN-3 and also GEN-2’s moveable point’s spring tension to suit your personal preferences!
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1. Caution: Please perform this task while you are sitting at a table and you have a cloth for a surface to work on. When springs and plungers slip out of your fingers and hit a hard surface, I promise you that they will do a Houdini on you! I love telling people: “I told you so!” which is what you will get when you call me with your sad stories.

2. Tools: All you need is a wire cutter. Any wire cutter will do, but the cutter with the smaller end will be better. Also, if you have one of those magnification self-standing work lights to work under, it will help, but it isn’t totally necessary.

3. This is very simple. From one of the two ends of the spring, NOT BOTH, take your wire cutters and cut one full coil at a time. Trying to cut the coil in the middle of the spring is difficult because of the close clearance.

4. If you have the GEN-3 springs, they are longer than the GEN-2’s. For the GEN-3’s I suggest starting off with cutting two coils ONLY on JUST ONE SPRING to do just ONE DART!
CAUTION: Keep track of how many coils you cut. You’ll want to cut the same amount of coils on the other two springs!

5. CAUTION: When you reassemble the dart, make sure you put the end of the spring that you cut, into the dart first!
Now, put just one dart back together and then hand test the point’s spring travel, its resistance as well as the ease of the dart rotating on the point. Now, throw test this ONE DART to see if you’re satisfied. If you aren’t satisfied, from now on cut one coil at a time and then go through the testing sequence again.

SUGGESTION: After you find the number of coils that makes you happy, write that number on the label in your dart case so you’ll know how many to cut the next time!

CAUTION: Once you cut a coil, there’s no going back! It’s a lot like people that are getting these knee replacements. Once they cut your knee joint out, it can never be put back in.