Make a conscious effort to protect your darts from these situations. In pub play, there are any number of substances that will find their way onto your darts, either by way of your hands, shaking hands, spillage or airborne. They are: sweat, beverages (mixed drinks are most sticky), food, ashes from cigarettes, smoke, all of your opponents sweat, etc. These substances take the consistency out of your game. Periodically or weekly, which ever works for you, you need to WASH YOUR DARTS! Use a nail brush and any liquid hand soap with WARM WATER. Make sure that you scrub in the perpendicular direction to your barrel. After washing, YOU MUST USE COLD WATER FOR THE FINAL RINSE while also using the brush in the rinsing process. Using warm water to rinse will leave a *TACKY* feeling. This is extremely important! Take an old set of darts and try the warm water rinse first. *Feeling* will be believing! The cold water rinse results in a greater feel of control!