Welcome Letter

“A Superior Dart Produces Superior Results!”

CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the very first people to own a set of our GEN-4 & Joust darts. We thank you for your purchase! The DartSmarts.com Website will now be open to the public, whereby memberships are discontinued and now you can direct your dart team mates to our Web site for FREE access to the Instructional Menu which you will find under “SUPPORT!” There are two excellent instructional books available there plus other important information on things like: “Understanding Dart & Flight Design,” “Conditioning,” “How To Set Up A Performance Dart Court,” etc. “Instructional Darts” was recently posted in the last couple months, which you will find brief but extremely thorough.

In the past, dart manufacturers initially started as machine shops and not as dart players. These owners and shop managers got started making darts because they wanted to utilize their machines at times when they didn’t have a sufficient number of orders. Because these people don’t play, compete or care about the actual sport of darts, they haven’t done their due diligence in the areas of Product Development, including areas such as ergonomics and aerodynamics. This is why most dart players struggle with consistency and control! At least 98% of all the darts in the world today are operating at a maximum 15% efficiency rate! Once you throw the GEN-3 a dozen times, you will understand what we’re talking about. “The Smartest Dart” GEN-3, 3rd generation, is the dart that the SPORT of darts was created for. In other words: “Form follows function.”



  • When throwing, use a very light grip, and point your dart slightly upwards and to the left (11 o’clock) of your target if you are a righty and towards 1 o’clock for lefties. Gripping too tightly requires more time to release and complicates the action! You’ll find that the dart will naturally come off of your fingers with consistency if you use a light grip! TEST: Hold your dartless grip in front of your eye and take a good look at the angulation of the skin on your thumb; it’s pointing to 11 or 1 o’clock! There is a connection here! Darts don’t fly perfectly straight. They curve out and then curve back in.
  • Using the proper breathing technique is imperative. After a person exhales to their fullest, there are TWO to THREE SECONDS of time before a person will start to inhale again. It is within this time period that you should execute the throw! This is when your body is most STILL! When throwing, focus on keeping the tip of your nose perfectly still. During your next practice session, focus ONLY on consistently using this technique for EVERY DART and your skill level will jump up at least one level!
  • Make a conscious effort to protect your darts from these situations. In pub play, there are any number of substances that will find their way onto your darts, either by way of your hands, shaking hands, spillage or airborne. They are: sweat, beverages (mixed drinks are most sticky), food, ashes from cigarettes, smoke, all of your opponents sweat, etc. These substances take the consistency out of your game. Periodically or weekly, which ever works for you, you need to WASH YOUR DARTS! Use a nail brush and any liquid hand soap with WARM WATER. Make sure that you scrub in the perpendicular direction to your barrel. After washing, YOU MUST USE COLD WATER FOR THE FINAL RINSE while also using the brush in the rinsing process. Using warm water to rinse will leave a TACKY feeling. This is extremely important! Take an old set of darts and try the warm water rinse first. Feeling will be believing! The cold water rinse results in a greater feel of control!
  • Lastly, this tip will save you about $10.00 a year (additionally, before you put your flight protectors on, insert the point of your dart into the center of the flight protector to spread the slots a little further apart). Be sure to put ONE drop of Cyanamid glue (found in hobby shops) in one or two of the creases of your flight, adjacent to the very end. After you do a light crimp on the flight protectors with a pair of pliers, make sure you blot the excess glue off with a paper towel. Your flight protectors will stay on and easily come off with a little tug, which you then will be able to reuse!


The weight of your dart is in “approximate weight.” This means that the weight includes the barrel, the entire moveable point system and shaft together. Our moveable point system now weighs 2 grams. If your dart is listed as 24 grams, then your barrel actually weighs 21 grams. If you happen to play soft tip, GEN-3 can also accept a soft tip! If 18 grams is the typical maximum allowed weight in your soft tip area, then you can still throw a moveable point dart of 20 grams.