The Personal Benefits of Playing Darts

Why play darts? The most important reason for playing darts is to have fun! There really doesn’t need to be another reason, but there are many. We are going to attempt to list the majority of them, but inevitably, we will miss many of them as well! So here it goes!

Stress Reliever
To begin, darts is a huge stress reliever! There are so many professions today that are huge stress producers. Stock brokers, policemen and women, firemen and women, air traffic controllers, any type of public service careers, armed forces, and there are more professions than there is space to put them down. Simply by getting ones mind off of “work,” one can immediately begin to relax and get a mental and physical “breather.” Darts used in this application is nothing more than a diversion, where someone can mentally take a break from being on the job, whether one is physically at work or at home! The Japanese are strong supporters of exercise at work, so I can’t see what harm it would do to have a dart court or two set up in “break room area” on the job. People might actually skip going outside for a smoke to join in a game or two!

“Team Work” Builder
Lets face it, in every work place across this country there are employees that develop social and competitive relationships with their fellow employees. In both situations, this is good for business! Sometimes, because of the particular business and or situation, other employees might not have the opportunity to develop these important skills, or there might be a couple of employees that don’t work well together! Well, on a smaller level, darts would be a good training ground for these people to learn these skills on a social and more personal level. A company that had a lunch time “Team Darts Tournament” that gave prizes, days off or added vacation days to winners, might find that their employees actually all start working well, together! Once employees get their adrenaline going, the rate of production has no other choice but to increase!

The benefits of playing darts are endless. Here is a brief, and I do mean brief, list of some of these benefits.

Playing Darts Will Increase Your:
concentration ability
performance levels and awareness of them as well
decision making skills
team building skills
leadership skills
competitive abilities
responsibility of commitment
conflict management skills
objectivity skills
inter-group contact and management skills
reality awareness

Playing Darts Will Improve Your:
stress management
general math abilities
strategy thinking
social skills
objective critical self analysis
self control
experimentation skills
status by way of performance
nonverbal communication

If there is anything that you feel we have missed, please feel free to E-mail us and let us know what it is, so that we can add it to our list. Remember, this web site is a team effort! Thank you!